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If you are looking to do business and want to establish the company in Thailand the company. There are 3 steps register your company.
1. Name reservation.
You must arrange the name of company in English and Thai at least 1 name and not more than 3 names. In the best way, you can reserve the name on web site of Ministry of commerce ; You must submit for registration within 30 days after receiving the confirmed name of application.

2. Memorandum of association.
On this step, you must have the shareholders at least 3 persons, and share of Thai holders is not less than 51% of total share, otherwise the company will belong to the foreign business .The committee must prepare the objectives of the company perfectly .In case of your company wishs to employ the foreigner ,you must have minimum 2 Million Bath in registered paid up capital to be allowed one Work Permit.

3. Company registration.
On this step, you have to specify the place of your head office location and pay for registered capital. After you have the shareholders, you must select the committees and authorized directors. When you submit for registration, you must also bring the company seal to show at the Registration Office.
The business name’s sign, the stamp and the document of the company limited must have the word "Company Limited" following the business name. Share payment must be agreed with the capital lists in the registration form and must be fully paid as in the registration. The company has to give its share certificate to the shareholders in which the messages are written as stipulated by the law.

You can register the memorandum association and company regist with in one day or same day FAST and CONVENIENCE ( for more information

++ The company has to have a registration book of shareholder kept at its registered head office as lists of shareholder in the registration book as stipulated by the law. A minutes must be rightly prepared with all opinions of shareholders and of all committee and must be kept at the registered office. You can register at the company registration office, Department of Business Development .


The business which engaged a licenses from the relevant Authority is needed ;

1.Restaurant /Food shop
- Restaurant license
- Liquor License
- Cigarette License

2. Tour
- Tourism License ; there are 2 kinds In bound & Out Bound

4. Others

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