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BOI Certificate

Procedure for Obtaining Promotional Privileges
1. The procedural aspects of applying for BOI privileges. The major steps along the road to approval are:
Ask for information , publications and submission of application (document or online) with OBOI. Within 15 days of receipt of letter from the OBOI and must to meeting with OBOI official. Within 60 days of summiting complete documentation will approve .The project more than 750 millions and for domestic market will approve within 90 days.

2. After a Project is Approved for Promotion.
* The OBOI will inform the applicant in writing within 7 working days of the approval date, detailing the conditions, privileges and benefits granted. An application form for the promotion certificate will be attached, together with the notification of approval.

* Upon receipt of the OBOI letter approving the project, the applicant must reply by completing the form of promotion acceptance and sending it back to the OBOI within one month. If any changes or special conditions and privileges are sought, they should be requested at that time.

* If the applicant is unable to reply within the stated time limit, a letter of clarification should be sent to the OBOI, which will consider extending the deadline by not more than one month at a time, up to a maximum of three times

* In order to receive the investment promotion certificate, the applicant must set up the company within six months of accepting the approval, and submit all of the following documents to the OBOI: Application form for promotion certificate ,the company documents, A document showing the transfer of funds from overseas, or a certificate of investment from overseas issued by the Bank of Thailand for foreign investors , A joint venture contract, licensing agreement, technical assistance contract and/or technology transfer contract (if any) ,Form of utility and manpower requirements.

* If the applicant is unable to submit the documents within the required time frame, an explanatory letter must be sent to the OBOI, which will consider extending the deadline by four months at a time, up to a maximum of three times

* The OBOI will issue the investment promotion certificate after receipt of all specified documents, and the promoted company must follow the conditions laid out in the Certificate.

If there are any discrepancies or errors, or if an amendment is sought, the OBOI must be notified in writing, with all relevant documents attached.

List of Activities Eligible for Promotion
Section 1: Agriculture and Agricultural Products
Section 2: Mining, Ceramics and Basic Metals
Section 3: Light Industry
Section 4: Metal Products, Machinery and Transport Equipment
Section 5: Electronic Industry and Electric Appliances
Section 6: Chemicals, Paper and Plastics
Section 7: Services and Public Utilities

Basic Incentives
The BOI offers two kinds of incentives to promoted projects, regardless of location: tax incentives and non-tax incentives.

Tax-based incentives include exemption or reduction of import duties on machinery and raw materials, and corporate income tax exemptions.
Non-tax incentives include permission to bring in foreign workers, own land and take or remit foreign currency abroad.

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